My third EP, present continuous, tells the story, chronologically, of innocence, first loves, recognition of the emotional shrapnel lying around in the world and how wounded we can be, the irresistible siren call to sail into dangerous waters, the desire to have somewhere safe and warm and soft to rest your head and your heart, the realization you don't fit the mold and can't, and don't want to, "behave" according to anybody's rules, and the release of this expectation once you've cried your last tears, once and for all setting yourself free - before it all begins again as we continue down life's path of curves and drops and beautiful passages mixed with peril, terror and moments of fulfillment and elation.

The songs were, in fact, written in the order they appear, over the course of many years, and offer the completion of this trilogy and the stories lived over the past decade of my life.