Reviews for Astrocolor's debut album, Lit up

We Three Kings,’ the first single off Lit Up: Music for Christmas is a noir-ish and moodily atmospheric song that sounds as though it owes as much of a sonic debt to jazz as it does to dubstep and trip hop as Abi Rose’s seductive, jazz standard vocal stylings are paired with a mournful horn line, swirling electronics, angular, funk guitar and bass, and plinking keys submerged in layers upon layers of reverb to craft a rendition of a familiar song that’s hauntingly mournful and cinematic — while being simultaneously intimate and sensual.
— William Ruben Helms, Joy of Violent Movement
If Canada’s bitingly cold winters might have provided a natural inspiration for the unit, it was in fact Stan Getz’s ‘Getz Au-Go-Go’ and the jazz master’s achingly hip versions of tracks like ‘Summertime’ on that live LP from New York that provided the kernel of the idea for this downbeat collection of festive favourites. Straddling relaxed jazz, funky electronics, vaguely psychedelic rock and spatial dub, this is the type of album that even a moody goth kid could find themselves warming to.
— Mat Smith,
Christmas tunes you’ll love to live with. By mid-November, most of us have heard enough Christmas muzak to put us off our sugar plums. The good news is, that’s exactly when Astrocolor will release its Christmas album, All Lit Up, a melange of “ambient, dubby and jazzy” tunes for the season.
— YAM Magazine